Incident Command Simulator

The Incident Command Simulator is an immersive computer based simulation that allows for decision-making under stress and resource management for high risk fire incidents. The simulation includes a range of structures, from a family home and supermarket, to an apartment building. Use ICS as a single or a multi-discipline incident command training tool with other first responders. It can support strategic level fire training for large scale operations, as well as individual firefighter and fire officer training.

Immersive Storytelling

Instructor is able to reproduce lived stories based on fire incidents using realistic role playing events and decision-making.

Realistic interactions

Interact with the virtual scenarios with built-in decision making functions, such as deploying RIT and fire safety teams, venting windows and doors, raising ladders and laying fire hose lines.

Unique INcident Experiences

Customize each learner’s experience in virtual scenarios by using the point and click Operator controls, including hazard fire location, fire spread, time of day and wind conditions. 

Dynamic 3d environments

The built-in physics engine makes fire and smoke behave as they would in real life. Fire spreads throughout buildings and smoke changes color based on the length of time a structure is on fire.

360 View of Scenarios

Illuminate key factors related to victims, building access and fire location by performing a 360 size-up of each scenario.

    Dynamic Events

    Includes dynamic events with realistic animations based on actual time metrics, such as deploying RIT and fire rescue teams, venting doors and windows, laying fire hoses and turning off utilities.

      Realistic Fire & Smoke

      The physics engine makes the fire spread and smoke behave as they do in real-life. Fire can be added by an Operator using the point and click interface and smoke color and density changes based on the length of time a structure is on fire.

        Operator View

        Trainers can manage dynamic events and scenarios as the student reacts using decision-making in the fire incidents.


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