Health & Safety

To prepare a workforce for the rapidly evolving world of technology and industry, there needs to be an injection of experiential and immersive learning to help learners better equip themselves, at a much faster rate, for new machinery and Health and Safety compliance regulations. 

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Implement zero harm and higher productivity practices

Companies require a more cost-effective solution to roll out training to mitigate impending risks. This is where the inclusion of immersive experience into training programs can help align and equip your workforce to ensure competency and productivity.

Typical Use Cases

In the health & safety industry, core benefits of immersive experiences include creating a stimulating environment reflecting different real-world scenarios and amplifying real-world data, from the safety of training facilities or on-site.

Enhance Healthcare Operations

Immersive experience can be used as a training measure for healthcare operatives. An example is superimposing a computer-generated image on a surgeon’s view of the operative field, which provides the surgeon with a composite view of the patient.

Simulate High risk scenarios

When certain situations are virtually impossible to recreate, and on-the-job training is very risky – this is a perfect opportunity to incorporate immersive experience. Theory can be re-enforced through simulated environments where learners can apply regulatory processes and activities.

Onsite Risk assessment and evaluation

Learners can investigate environments with hazards, and conduct risk assessments based on different industry scenarios using technologies such as AR. During these walkarounds and observations, learners can utilize object detection or classification and then compile risk assessment options.

Train on common workplace issues

Train staff to deal with situations that would be difficult or dangerous to recreate in the workplace – like spills in the aisles or managing Black Friday hoards! Hazard-spotting exercises take place in a variety of workplaces, including warehouses, factories, retail stores and construction sites.

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