The volatility in energy over the past decade has ushered in a new normal, characterized by caution. To unlock value, companies are emphasizing efficiency, a goal that depends on highly skilled individuals. Meanwhile, the industry is undergoing a crew change, with large numbers of older employees leaving. As a result, the demands for the dwindling ranks of experienced personnel are escalating, and companies are struggling to leverage their expertise.

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Dramatically boost efficiency and reduce errors and uncertainty

Energy companies have to do more with less, on tighter budgets, with fewer employees, and at unprecedented speeds. Emerging technologies are changing that. In particular, some companies are beginning to address these challenges with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and many more could benefit from leveraging these technologies more aggressively.

Typical Use Cases

In the energy industry, immersive experiences are used in a wide variety of settings, including training, maintenance, and planning.

Advanced training and guidance

Instead of studying theory in a classroom or transporting people to remote locales, trainees can use a immersive experiences to enter an environment or interact with a piece of equipment virtually.

Visually demonstrate core actions

Provide checklists and sensor data and visually demonstrate which parts to adjust, remove or replace. Instead of being dependent on manuals, immersive experience enables this information to be delivered graphically, where and when it is needed.

Plan changes for challenging situations

Faced with the challenge of installing equipment in a complex environment, one can use immersive experience to help mechanics visualize exactly where important equipment would need to go and how it would need to be installed. This provided a clear idea of the challenges they would face in real-world conditions.

Adapt to evolving conditions and problems

Immersive experience can show what goes on within a piece of equipment, letting technicians better understand how to adjust it. These capabilities help companies cope with the shortage of experienced personnel and reduce the need to transport such personnel to remote places and emergency situations.

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