Immersive Experiences That Elevate Your Team

Drawing on 20+ years of research in emerging technology and blended learning, North Star Simulations creates immersive experiences that deliver highly-impactful results at scale.

Why Immersive Learning?

Immersive Learning is a groundbreaking training methodology that combines the sense of presence in a virtual world with advanced learning theory, data science, and 3D design.

As you interact with the virtual world, you make decisions just as you would in the physical world, activating the same neural pathways in the brain. Practice in Virtual Reality translates to real-world performance with measurable outcomes.

accelerated proficiency

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Less training time

No job disruption

Improved productivity

Engaged Employees

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Immersive experience

Career development

Reduce turnover

Improved Operations

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Faster throughput

Fewer incidents

Consistent customer service

How It Works

North Star guides you through every step in the journey, from initial strategy to analysis and optimization.

Immersive Learning In Action!


Incident command training is viewed as a critical part of fire scene readiness and safety. However, this training can often vary from department to department.

North Star Simulations conducted a rigorous performance and needs analysis on fire department incident commanders. This analysis identified key environmental cues and critical skills that led to specific decision points and tactical direction.


Our experience spans a group of diverse markets, each of global importance. Taking this extensive experience we are delivering the next generation of agile, integrated solutions necessary for today’s rapidly changing environment. 

With the help of virtual training solutions developed by North Star Simulations, trainees can experience an environment that closely mirrors a working location. Our services include: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Desktop & Web, Mobile & IOT, Serious Games, Machine Learning/AI and more.

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